Beverly Broomell Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to: Ammerman Campus student, Full-time or Part-time
Award: $500 (one award)
1. Matriculated as an Ammerman Campus student
2. 3.2 overall GPA with at least 32 college credits completed at SCCC, which can include credits currently in progress
3. Minimum grade of 3.0 in at least two college-level math courses. One MUST be MAT124 or higher, taken at Suffolk
4. Two letters of recommendation from SCCC faculty, at least one from the Ammerman Campus mathematics department. In addition to the letters of recommendation (which will be submitted online), please ask each professor to complete the Recommendation Form as part of your scholarship application.
5. Plan to pursue higher education leading to a career in teaching, preferably mathematics. Scholarship will be applied to subsequent semester at SCCC or sent to a transfer institution upon enrollment verification

Please note: There is no PROGRESS REPORT due for this round of the scholarship as of 3-12-20.

Ammerman, Campus Specific
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you have a minimum grade of 3.0 in at least two college-level math courses, one being MAT124 or higher, taken at Suffolk?
  2. Please list Mathematics and Computer Science Courses taken at SCCC:
    • 1. Course:
    • 2. Campus:
    • 3. Grade
    • 4. Semester (e.g., Fall 2018):
  3. List your academic accolades, extracurricular activities and community service since attending SCCC:
    • Awards/Title/Activities/Organizations:
    • Date(s):
  4. Expected date of graduation (e.g., May 2020):
  5. Please request one letter of recommendation.
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