Long Island Hospitality Association Scholarship for NEW Students

Awarded to: Full-time student
Award: $5,000 (two awards)
Distribution of scholarship:
The full scholarship is $5,000. The students selected will receive $2,500 their first semester (fall) and the other half, $2,500, after they have registered for their final semester and applied for graduation in the AAS Hotel/Resort Management Program.

1. Must be a first semester student in the AAS Hotel/Resort Management Program
2. Strong preference given to a student who is employed in the Long Island hotel industry OR hospitality industry. Verification will need to be submitted if selected for this scholarship.
3. High school GPA of 3.0 (75) or better. To receive the second half of the scholarship in their last semester, student must maintain a 3.0 GPA and stay matriculated in the Hotel/Resort Management Program
4. It is expected that the recipient of this scholarship become an active member of the Hotel Tourism and Event Management Club and the Long Island Hospitality Association starting in their first semester and continuing through graduation.
5. One letter of recommendation from a high school teacher or Guidance Counselor
6. Must be a resident of Suffolk County or Nassau County

Keywords: Culinary and Hospitality

Campus Specific, Eastern, New Student
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please request a letter of recommendation from a high school Guidance Counselor or high school teacher.
  2. Although not required, strong preference is given to students who are employed in the hotel or hospitality industry on Long Island? Are you employed in one of these industries, and if so, please give the specifics of your employment.